Friday, January 13, 2012

I Got Three Quarters of the way there... Did I?

I was watching a Biffy Clyro music video, the Scottish band, performing 'Bubbles', working to the limit of exertion. Through instrument and voice they produced a sound so powerful it was lifting the thousands of young people in Wembley stadium to a level of exuberance that cannot be duplicated by anything artificial, substance or otherwise.

Thoughts of what I had done in my life, with my life, ran through my head as I watched these guys who have been for years intensely committed to their music, determined to reach the top of their world. Had I worked as hard what adventurous goals might I have attained? If I had followed my heartfelt passion could my life have been as full for just one, single night? Did I get three quarters of the way there? Half way?

My friend Paula comes to mind each time I watch the video. I picture her and her husband Bernard in the midst of the crowd singing the words, which of course Paula would know by heart, and dancing with the exploding lightness and overflowing joy that best defines youth in all its blazing glory. I think Paula would be a featured audience member if caught on video at a Biffy Clyro concert, in the midst of the mob, spinning wildly astride her Bernard's shoulders!

Unfortunately, Paula's tied up right now fighting off the effects of multiple myeloma, one of God's most predacious diseases.

Paula is one who fills each moment of the day with creativity. She knits clothing for everyone in her neighborhood and little yarn creatures for the children. She paints her house, has a garden and makes her own Christmas cards. She is a brilliant dog trainer and photographer. Above all, though, she is a writer, a genuine author, exploring the joy that can exist even at the dangerous edge of life, something we fellow mm travelers understand better by reading Paula's work.

I check into Paula's blog daily because she makes me laugh and I always learn from the wisdom she generously shares with her readers at "Feresaknits Blog". I'm praying that she soon vanquishes the marauding cells attacking her body and achieves complete remission. I hope she does so in time to attend the next Biffy Clyro concert which is planned for June 23 on the Isle of Wight. If so, the tickets will be on me. I might finally meet Paula and Bernard there in person... Why not!!!


  1. Did you? That question is probably not as important as what you do now. Stepping over the line and living at 100% intensity is a choice Stephen. And you have today... it is never too late. You have friends who are with you. Turn on the music and dance! Paula is a great example to all of us.

  2. Paula sounds like a kindred spirit!

    1. She is made of steel, JH, with the heart of a lioness...

  3. I DO like Biffy Clyro particularly Mountains. They're probably not really B's cup of tea or borderline. ;D

    1. Hi Paula...

      Well, let me know if you can talk B into it and I'll order the tickets...

      I think Mountains is their top rated piece.

      Best to you and B and Bud.